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1830 Patent (9th Earl of Devon)

The 3rd Viscount Courtenay in Poughkeepsie, New York endnotes


1835 Obituary (9th Earl of Devon)

1977 Invitation: Courtenay Reunion, France

2006 Ireland Itinerary: Courtenay Society Tour 

A Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay,                                     

by Ezra Cleaveland, pub. 1735.

(See searchable text transcribed by Courtenay Society member, Stan Courtney.)

Athon de Courtenay Descendancy

The British House of Commons (Courtenays)

Cincinnati Enquirer Courtenay article, 1921

The Courtenay Coat of Arms, by Austin Matlack Courtenay, 1898

The Courtenay Family (Irish Branches), by Austin M. Courtenay

The Courtenay Family in Ireland, by Philip Crossle, April 1904

Courtenay Line, by Charles Worthy

Courtenays of Louisville, Kentucky, by William Howard Courtenay

Gertrude Thrift Abstract #3648 (Courtenays), c1910

Gertrude Thrift Abstract #3681 (Courtenays), c1910

Hercules Courtenay of Baltimore, Maryland

The History of the suburbs of Exeter, by Charles Worthy, 1892

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again, by William Ashmead Courtenay

John M. Courtenay (m. Margaret Jane Graham) endnotes

The Mystery of Edward Courtenay (m. Frances Moore) 

St. Patrick's Cemetery in Newry, Northern Ireland (Courtenays)

Sir John Irving Courtenay

William Ashmead Courtenay (1831-1908)

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